Gentle Shepherd Ministries


Serving Minnesota

After serving in church for two decades, a small-town church pastor was led by God to a new calling as a chaplain in a senior care facility. Within a very short time he was referred to visit some people in a local county jail. On first blush these two settings seemed quite different, yet people in both settings had a commonality—they were equally forgotten and on the outermost fringes of modern society. God fanned this pastor's heartbreak into compassion, and what was once a solo pastor reaching out to these two forgotten people groups has grown to a Gospel mission extending throughout Minnesota. The goal of InFaith's Gentle Shepherd Ministries is to see an expanding network of faith covering senior care and correctional care facilities statewide with the good news of Jesus. Gentle Shepherd Ministries serves throughout the state of Minnesota with those in senior care and secure facilities—two people groups often forgotten in life and in ministry.