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Jerry & Dorphia David

Jerry and Dorphia founded Gentle Shepherd Ministries through InFaith in 2005. They reach out to seniors in care facilities and inmates in county jails throughout southern Minnesota.


Tim & Ruth Greenslade

Tim and Ruth have been in ministry to seniors for a number of years, and joined InFaith in 2017. They are reaching out to those in senior care facilities in southeastern Minnesota.


Bob & Gale Romig

Bob and Gale have served with InFaith since 1992 in a variety of ministries. In 2017 they teamed up with GSM to expand our senior care outreach to northeastern Minnesota with their multi-faceted outreach.

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Broken Chains Fellowship Benevolence

From hygiene items, to interview clothing, to combating homelessness ,,, help nurture the seeds of faith by partnering with BCF to support the diverse needs of men and women reentering life as followers of Jesus.