We want you to feel comfortable sharing your personal information with us. We save the information you give us when you use our website to make a donation, complete a volunteer application, or use the Contact Us form to ask a question.

When you give us your email address, phone number, or other information, we save it in our databases so that we can contact you in the future. If you prefer not to receive periodic electronic mailings or text messages, you are given an “opt out” link or text to "STOP" option in our communication so that we’ll know not to send them. We may share your information with others at InFaith when we make decisions regarding acceptance to our staff or are required to comply with laws, but we do not sell or share donor lists with other organizations for fund-raising purposes. You can unsubscribe from our email or text communication at any time.

If you have concerns about how we use your information, please contact us at gsm@infaith.org. Continued use of our website or submission of a form through our site denotes your acceptance of this policy.

This privacy policy was adopted in April 2018, and we reserve the right to change it if the need arises.